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JIN Expertise

Joint Implementation Network (JIN) was established in 1994 with the aim to create an international network for research activities and information exchange about climate change policy issues, in particular project-based emissions trading. Over the years JIN has broadened its field of expertise to other issues such as climate change policy, development aid, technology transfer and energy market liberalisation. Overall, the Foundation JIN mission is to carry out international economic research in a broad sense, both for the public and the private sector. Keywords to characterise JIN's research activities are: scientific, independent, and small-scale/high-level.

  1. JIN publishes the Joint Implementation Quarterly (JIQ) with subscribers in the fields of policy makers, science, non-governmental organisations and business in 138 countries. JIN is an officially accredited international non-governmental organisation with the UNFCCC.
  2. JIN has contributed to developing the design of the Dutch ERUPT programme for JI tenders,
    Prof. Jepma, was convening lead author, coordinating lead author and lead author of the IPCC Working Group III SAR, TAR and FAR respectively.
  3. JIN collaborates with the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) and carries out research studies for the Nederlandse Gasunie N.V., Gasunie Trade & Supply B.V. and the International Gas Union (IGU). Research topics include 'security of supply', scenario-analyses (International Gas Union) and gas market liberalisation.
  4. JIN coordinated the EU research project PROBASE on baselines for JI and CDM projects under the Kyoto Protocol (Fifth Framework Programme; completed December 2002). JIN produced a substantial number of studies on climate policy.
  5. Organisation of various workshops both nationally (Standardisation of Baselines for JI/CDM project, 6 & 7 November 2003, Groningen) and internationally (Developing Synergies between Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration, 5 & 6 May 2001, Brussels, Belgium).
  6. Evaluation of JI project Guidelines for Netherlands' ERUPT programme and revising guidelines for second ERUPT tender; project for the Netherlands' government.
  7. Research on "Guidance for UK Emissions Trading Projects", a project for the UK government carried out in co-operation with the University of Surrey and the University of Sussex.
  8. JIN is involved in the Dutch Government programme "Energy transition", towards a sustainable energy future. JIN's direct focus in this programme is on the role of natural gas in sustainable energy systems (esp. CNG for mobility) and CO2 Capture and Storage.
  9. JIN was involved in the SYNERGY project "Business Opportunities for CDM Project Development in the Mediterranean" (completed May 2005).
  10. JIN was involved in the Asia pro-Eco programme project on "Establishing an EU-Asian dialogue on the CDM: Capacity Building and Identification of Project Opportunities" (May 2004-July 2006).
  11. JIN was involved in a study project on the Impact of the European Directive 2004/101/EC (Linking Directive) for Thailand. This activity aimed at analysing the consequences of the EU linking Directive for the CDM activities of Thailand (coordination by ERI, Thailand; programme: EU-Thailand Economic Cooperation SPF).
  12. JIN was involved in a "Feasibility study for the establishment of a biodiesel production plant in Thailand" and a project on "Adapting Institutional Frameworks in ASEAN for the Establishment of the ASEAN Carbon Equity Fund" (coordination by Bright Management Consulting, Thailand; programme: EC-ASEAN Energy Facility).
  13. During 2006-2007, JIN coordinates an EU-funded research project (Sixth Framework Programme) on diffusion of sustainable energy technologies, such as decentralised energy systems, CO2 capture and storage, and fuel conversion technologies, to developing countries through the CDM. Please click here for the project's flyer.
  14. JIN is currently concluding a study for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Policy and Operations Evaluation Department) on the contribution to sustainable development of Dutch CDM projects.


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