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About JIN

Foundation Joint Implementation Network (JIN), established in 1995, is an international knowledge center concerning climate change policy issues. The mission of JIN is to serve as a knowledge centre for climate change policy issues in general and the concept of emissions trading in particular.
JIN is a highly specialized carbon market and technology transfer advisory unit, acting independently on a not-for-profit basis. Our core team is comprised of specialists working in advisory roles for carbon market participants since its inception. Our field of expertise has broadened over the years and now includes issues such as climate change and energy policy, technology transfer, sustainable development, and energy market liberalization.

News on JIN Activities

Currently, JIN works on the following issues:


Who We Are

The Joint Implementation Network (JIN) was established in 1994 with the aim to create an information platform for the relatively new climate change concept of Joint Implementation (JI). Two years earlier JI had been included in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change as an instrument for greenhouse gas emissions trading between countries through projects. The platform was targeted at key players in JI projects, such as business community representatives, policy makers, knowledge centers, and consultants. The core activity of the network was the publication of the Joint Implementation Quarterly,which first issue was presented at the first Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (Berlin, 1995).


New JIN Publications

Most recently added publications of JIN:

      • Spijker, E., et al. (2015). A level playing field for the European biogas and biomethane markets - Case of the Netherlands and Germany: policy environment, key differences and harmonisation issues. Final report of the Interreg IVa project (open here).new

      • Van der Gaast, W., Oikonomou, V., Flamos, A., 2013, Domestic offsets in practice: Modalities and implications. Energy Sources Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy 8(2), 144-153 (open here)
      • Bertoldi, P., Rezessy, S., Oikonomou, V., 2013, Rewarding energy savings rather than energy efficiency: Exploring the concept of a feed-in tariff for energy savings. Energy Policy, in press (open here)
      • Oikonomou, V., Flamos, A., Spijker, E., Spyridaki, N.A., van der Gaast, W., (2012). Domestic offset projects in the built environment, Energy Efficiency 5(3), 335-350 (open here)new
      • Van der Gaast, W. and Begg, K. (2012). Challenges and Solutions for Climate Change, ISBN 978-1-84996-398-5, Springer publications (open here)new


JIN Expertise

Joint Implementation Network (JIN) was established in 1994 with the aim to create an international network for research activities and information exchange about climate change policy issues, in particular project-based emissions trading. Over the years JIN has broadened its field of expertise to other issues such as climate change policy, development aid, technology transfer and energy market liberalisation. Overall, the Foundation JIN mission is to carry out international economic research in a broad sense, both for the public and the private sector. Keywords to characterise JIN's research activities are: scientific, independent, and small-scale/high-level.


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